Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NF DAM 176 Reed reflection

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 176

NF Digital Art Meme, a meme for digital artwork. photo art, abstracts and other creative work.  From camera, Art software's, paint or sketch. When you have an image of your art, it is digital.
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Reed reflection SOOC
© NF Photo 151201

Reed reflection
 © NF PhotoArt 151201

The SOOC image is underexposed. I do that sometimes when I want to see what effect it gives. In this case I wanted the lit up straws to stand out. Then I worked from there with colors and contrast. And finished off with Photoshops light effect. When you see that effect you know it is Photoshopped. But I like it in some images.

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  1. Hallo Monica!
    My first thougt is, that it would be dangerous to swim there.
    My second thought is, that you are a wonderful and interesting woman and that the second picture is worth to be hung in a museum. So beautyfully arranged! The lightly coloured light catched by you!
    Keeps us through the winter!
    Herzlich Petra

  2. Vackra bilder båda två - vansinnigt effektfullt med det rosa ljuset.

  3. Beautiful, Monica! Thanks for hosting.

  4. I like the colors and light leaks in that second one. Beautiful.

  5. The colours in both images are wonderful. The flares of light add a special magical touch.

  6. I love the ripple effect on the water and the reeds look as if they are writing in some unknown script ... giving a message that we can't read. The colors and the lighting are marvelous ... nicely done, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. Your creative juices were really flowing with these shots. Gorgeous.

  8. Photoshop lighting effects can be very powerful and, unlike yours here, can also look very natural. On the other side I do like to hunt for real life lens flares like yours SOOC, I kinda like those.
    So sorry I forgot to link up yesterday :(


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