About NF Catching Light Meme

NF Catching Light Meme on Bildverkstan/Image Workshop will be a bit different then earlier.
I will challenge you and myself a bit and I will give some tips and trix along the way. Now and then I might give you promts to check out.

The meme will be about how to use the light or lack of light in different situations and how to use it in art. I was pleased to hear that some of you actually learned from the meme as it was before. I hope you will like it now too.

When I give themes they will always be optional. We have different softwares and equipment and the weather is probably not following my directions.

And feel free to ask questions.

I will limit the number of links for each person till 2. If anybody links up with more then that I will delete some of them.

Monica /  NatureFootstep

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