Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guarded Magnolia

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 © NF Photo 140410, a greatly over exposed image

 © NF Photo 140422
The two images above is the original photos used for "Guarded Magnolia".
After cleaning up the image of the nuthatch a bit I duplicated and mirrored it. Then I converted it to a negative.  I made some color changes I don´t remember and then  applied filter Grain to finish off. But it was empty in the middle so I started to work with the Magnolia image.
After freeing the Magnolia from the image I made a copy and applied some filters on it and worked with the colors to get the yellow center. I wanted a nice contrast to the bird image.  But I don´t remember exactly how things happened.  Then moved the Magnolia into the image and made some final adjustments and my logo.  I doubt very much I can do it again from scratch.

Guarded Magnolia on NatureFootstep Photography
 © NF PhotoArt 140422

EOS7D_28663 nötväcka o EOS7D_29447 magnolia abstrakt2

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