Monday, November 30, 2015


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  Monica aka NatureFootstep
 © NF Photo 151127, SOOC

Last day of this years AEDM. Many thanks to Leah who runs this fun meme and puts a lot of work into this. I have posted every day  and today I thought I should share a little about myself. I turned 70 this week, not fun at all. Don´t know how that happened really. Where did all those years go?

I am sitting on a weight bench. A tool I have been using for 30 years. My back and shoulders needs it.  Without this regular exercise I could not use the heavy camera the way I do.

Anyway. This image share my new art wall. Earlier I had some of my mothers paintings hanging there, but now I decided that I want to look at my own art for a couple of years. I still have a few of my mothers art, my favorites, in another room.  :)  So far I have these art posters and three more. And I will ad even more on other walls. The images are created with images from many corners of the world as I´m a traveler too. As much as money lets me.

Thanks to all who have visited me during this month and see you next monday.
Until then:

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  1. good morning, dear Monica. So it makes the blogging very personal. thank you for this wonderful personal post! herzlich Pippa

  2. Happy birthday to you, Monica! You look so young!

  3. Happy Birthday, Monica. I can't believe your age. You certainly don't look it. And I was blown away by the lens on that camera. No wonder you take such magnificent photos.

    I'm glad we met this month and I'll definitely be back to visit next Monday.

  4. Hey, Monica! We both turned 70 this week! (mine was yesterday) 7 decades of fun! Hopefully a few more to come. Happy birthday.

  5. Happy birthday!
    Wonderful work, happy to know you.

  6. Happy birthday!
    Wonderful work, happy to know you.


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