About NF DAM And Rules

ABOUT NF Digital Art Meme!
The meme will allow any kind of digital art. You can post anything from photo art, straight from the camera, to complicated texture work. You can take a shot of your pottery and make it digital. As long as you are the artist. I hope to see some of the black and white artists I often see on Weekend in Black and White. You create good arts in your camera.

A piece of art is best enjoyed when it stands alone.
It is not necessary to give all details of your work unless you want to. An artist must have some secrets and, well, how we did it is most of the times impossible to describe anyway.  And we work with different software. I will mostly give details in a separate post.

You shall ad the link to the post you are linking to in the Linky list. NOT to the blog URL! That way we find you immediately and don´t have to waist time waiting or searching. Internet is slow enough without the problem to find your post. 

You shall also have a backlink to my post in question.

Every post linked to MUST have a content corresponding to the meme. If you are just advertising your blog I will delete the link without further notice. 

And, I have many blogs that I run. When I see somebody linking up but never bothering to comment on my work, I no longer comment on theirs.

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  1. ....the art-meme is the one that I am interested in. I will observe,, when it starts and I will do connecting posts.
    I myself have a linkparty for simple digital art.
    Herzlich Pippa


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