Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brännmossa i camera Raw - Fire moss in Camera Raw

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    NF Photo 121028 original
    Arc Soft Photo studio

The shot opened in CS5 camera Raw. I had read in a book that there is a way to sharpen only certain parts of the shot so I wanted to explore that. I choosed the third button named Detail in the row. The function there is to mask all soft parts of the photo leaving edges to be sharpened. If you press the ALT button on your keyboard the window becomes BW and lets you see what is going to be sharpened. Well. I kind of liked the bw image shown. And that is where I got in trouble.

While pressing the ALT button and simutainiously pushing the 4th handle "Masking" the bw image shows you the amount of sharpening. I liked it but as soon as I took my finger off the ALT butten or the Masking handle the bw dissappeared. To solve that problem I had to use my left hand to press ALT and to move the Masking handle. And with the right hand try to take a shot with my powershot camera. PUH! Not easy as the mouse slipped away all the time or I droped the handle. But I got one shot that was good enough to be able to fix. :)

Well, I liked what that thing did so I probably use it again. :)


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