Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amaryllis Appleblossom and lighting effects

Större bild? Klicka på den! - Click to enlarge!
 Appleblossom,   NF Photo 120112 orginal, auto and flash

NF Photo 120112 with flashlight, manual setting TV=1/20, AV 5.6

NF Photo 120114, manual setting TV=1/20, AV 4,5

NF Photo 120114, manual setting TV=1/15, AV 5.6

    Arc Soft Photo studio

För att få så bra effekt som möjligt måste rummet släckas ner. Jag har hållit lamporna med vänster hand och kameran i höger. Jodå, det går även om man har en systemkamera.

To get as much effect as possible you have to darken the room. I held the lamps with left hand and the camera in my right. Yes, you can do that even with a big one. I have a Canon 500D.

The photos on NatureFootstep Photo Appleblossom

Kolla mina bilder på Picasa för att få idéer. Och glöm inte etikettlistan. Sedan finns en del på min fotoblogg.
Check my photos on Picasaweb to get an idéa, or find what you want. Beside the label list of course and my photoblogg.
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  1. beautiful the effects you made here! thanks for the visit! have a lovely week to you..

    thanks for the visit in my Countryside Trip blog.

  2. Wow, thanks for the information. It gives such a cool effect.

  3. These lighting effects are amazing! Thanks for sharing these gems!
    Thanks also for you comment at CE:)

  4. Thanks for visiting today!
    love your photography!
    love your techniques..
    thanks for sharing..

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  6. Great pictures of your lighting experiments!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. those photos are STUNNING!
    love the arty look!

    superb photography!
    i'm impressed.

  8. I love the effect you achieved!

  9. thank you so much for these great tips!

    i love your shots and the lighting is also superb!
    such great effect indeed.

    thanks so much for sharing:)

    i thoroughly enjoyed your post.


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