Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NF DAM 155 Painting flax

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 155

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© NF Photo 150707, SOOC

Fild of Flax
 © NF PhotoArt 150707

Out driving yesterday I spotted this beautiful field of flax. I thought it was an image simple enough to start leaning how do digitally paint. I had it in my mind for a while so yesterday I started testing and ended up with this.   The only tool I used was Smudge tool. And a two different brushes.

To be a first I am quite happy with it even if the lower part more looks like water then crop. Seems like I learned how to paint some water.

If anyone wants to try it I think all editing soft wares have the smudge tool and can be used like this.

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  1. Rolig ide´. Det blev ju bra.. Då kanske man skall försöka sig på att måla... ha, ha...

  2. Flott malt. Hm, gir meg en idé
    HA en deilig dag :)

  3. Aren't you the brave soul not just to try the painting, but to post it on your blog ... not bad for a first time (I say with zero experience in digital painting). The best part are your trees and the capture of the colors is perfect. I agree your flax looks a little watery ... maybe if you used a finer brush and made your strokes more up and down ... You surely are the awesome one :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. well, you know Andrea, This blog is about learning. I think of it as a journey we do together. I learn and share and get lots of ideas back. I collect them in a corner of my brain and sometimes they come in handy, used in a different way :)

  4. hallo!
    sorry, I forgot the comment this morning. that happens, if I am at tooo many weddings (so we say in German....) but in reality I seek some especial parties for digital art. yours is one of the very best, because people visit each other in their blogs. That is, what I like!

    Until next week!
    Herzlich Pippa

  5. Oh, I love fields of flax - such a beautiful, delicate blue! And I love your painting! I knew about the Smudge tool, but never thought to use it to paint a whole photo. Something else to try!

  6. Ooh, I love how textured it is....well done♪

  7. ♥Greetings from germany and thanks for hosting !
    Your edit are great , well done!

  8. Det där var riktigt häftigt!


  9. Well done! Looks great.
    Thanks for hosting.

  10. Beautiful layering of layers of a cake...

  11. Beautiful layering of layers of a cake...

  12. I adore this first attempt at smudge painting. I have the smudge filter in PS, and may even have used it before. You have done a wonderful job, and I had to laugh that you now know how to create water. To me, it looks like a field that Van Gogh might have painted.

  13. I like your digital painting. I hadn't ever thought of painting with the smudge tool. It's a cool effect. Must try it soon.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder


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