Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to create Ghosts in the tub

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To create the "Ghosts in the tub" shot over in NF2 I used these 2 "lousy" shots as originals. It is my grandchildren ages ago when digital cameras was still not every mans tool. The images are small but the camera was rather good anyway. It was my first back in 2004. I´m not sure but I think the first image was with a flash. The other not.

The first one I used as it is and copied the second one and overlayed it in Arc Soft Photo studio.  I adjusted the image to fit the waterpipe and tub. Then I cropped the image and set the top layer to about 50% visibility.  And, voilá ghosts was born. :)

Ghosts in the tub  for NatureFootstep Photography

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  1. Some day I have to try this technic. You are highly creative!

  2. Thanks for describing your processes. It too must try something like it. Great images -the first is cute:)

  3. Some day I have to try this technic....
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