Monday, September 26, 2011

Höst i olja - Fall in oil

Större bild? Klicka på den! - Click to enlarge!
    NF Photo 110924 Djulö Kvarn, the original shot SOOC

    Arc Soft Photo studio
*Först skar jag av lite på kanterna och sedan skalade jag ner bilden till 700 pix på bredden. Detta för att de effecter jag tänkt mig ska slå igenom bättre. Sedan applicerade jag oljemålning och lite kornighet. Här får man prova sig fram till önskat resultat.
*First I croped it a bit then downsized to 700 pix wide. That allows the editing I have in mind to show more effectively. After that I applied Oil painting and a bit grain. With this you have to try different settings till it looks as you want it to.

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  1. Flott! Og god idé!
    Jeg vil jammen leke meg litt jeg også. :)

  2. It does resemble and oil painting!

  3. Hi - interesting picture!

    You may know the echidna as a Spiny Ant Eater - but it’s not called that very often these days.

    Stewart M - Australia

  4. absolutely beautiful!!

    very nicely done:)

    have a great day!

  5. nice effect!
    interesting spot, too.

  6. I love it when we try different things with our pictures. You did a really great job this time and it does remind me of a oil painting. The colors are beautiful.Like the name Spiny Ant Eater. Pretty cool.genie

  7. Very nice! I should try that with some of my prints.

  8. thanks, even if this post was not my WW post.

  9. Beautiful shots....Wish I were there. genie

  10. ...nice editing to your original photograph; thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. I think it turned out beautifully.

    kateri @ Dandelion Haven


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