Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 141 Study in red abstract

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 141

Welcome to a new edition!
NF Digital Art Meme, a meme for digital artwork. photo art, abstracts and other creative work.
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 Study in red abstract
© NF PhotoArt 150331

SOOC, a window standing on the grass. Leaning on the building, reflecting some trees.
© NF Photo 141119

Linking up with Weekend Reflection

This one was pretty easy and hart at the same time. The only thing I did really was playing with curves. The problem is to remember what you liked and get back to that :)  Fiddling around too much and you forgot it. Unless you are a clever woman saving the stuff every now and then.

If  you want to share your Digital/Photo Art  on Facebook I have created a GROUP for that purpose. You can join if you like. Why not check it out! Would love to see you there.
Please visit my entry and as many other participants you can. I´d like this to be a living meme not just another linky list. So far it is a small meme, surely you have the time to comment on others. Thank you for participating. As you know I´m a busy woman but I always return a comment. :)

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  1. Lekkert .
    Ha en nydelig påske :)

  2. Beautiful effect! I hope it's OK that my digital work was done with my iPhone/iPad. Please let me know if this doesn't fit your digital meme and I'll remove it. Since I've discovered my camera apps I find myself using them more and more to alter my photos.

  3. Interesting effect. I like the deep magenta tones.
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. Looking good! Thanks for hosting.

  5. oooh ... Blood red. Very enticing. I knew I saw trees in there ever before you told us. Awesome, Monica!

    Andrea @ Fromthe Sol

  6. I knew it was trees. I like your red version and I like the original one too. The original one also has possibilities as a b & w. I am sure my observation does not come as a surprise ")

  7. The red version has a lacy, crocheted effect that is most appealing.

  8. j adore en rouge,tres reussi ;o)

  9. A great post for the reflection theme!
    Happy Easter to you!
    My post at:

  10. Very amazing and artistic shot...Happy Easter...

  11. Wow! Excellent and very interesting reflection!

  12. Love the red' look. I hope you have a HAPPY EASTER.

  13. Awesome reflection! Good thing you saw it.
    p.s. not sure if you are using PS, but you may want to try adjustment layers, that way you can always go back :)

  14. p.s. I could not link up any more, says something about 'trial expired' :(

    So, here is my link anyhow, hope you don't mind: my Saturday link up?

    1. Hi, nice to see you visited NF DAM. The "Registration/trial expired" note means that the linky is closing at the time I chose. It will be the same for you. I don´t have the linkup to stop at the same time as the next one starts. It is confusing to the participants. They might linkup with the old post. Mostly I have two days when there is no linkup. Late participants don´t get any visits anyway.

      I use CS5 and , sure, I use a lot of layers :) See you next wednesday.


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