Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 125 Your own texture optional edition

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 125

NF Digital Art Meme, a meme for digital artwork. photo art and creative work.
NF Abstract is now included in NF Digital Art Meme.

The meme will allow any kind of digital art. You can post anything from photo art, straight from the camera, to complicated texture work. You can take a shot of your pottery and make it digital. As long as you are the artist. Or, you can do the optional theme for the week.

 Optional theme: your own texture on a simple one.
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This is the simple image I am using for both textures below. I was posting it HERE

These are my textures I use on the simple one. Top texture is BOKEH of autumn leaves and the one below is snow and mud from shoveling off snow.

© NF PhotoArt 141125
As you can see I used the bokeh texture and left a part of it outside to create a frame. That way the difference between the triangle and the texture is clearly visible. Then, of course, I lost track, but I think the blending mode was "Vivid Light". I ended up creating a larger canvas in order to put my logo below the image.

To see the snow and mud version you have to go to NF Photo, it turned out better then I expected.

The Optional theme for next weeks DAM is: Include a woman in your art

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Please visit my entry and as many other participants you can. I´d like this to be a living meme not just another linky list. So far it is a small meme, surely you have the time to comment on others. Thank you for participating. As you know I´m a busy woman but I always return a comment. :)
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  1. This is so intriguing!!! On a gut level, I prefer the other version...

  2. I'm liking the bokeh results...festive♪

  3. Nice! I like the bokeh effect, and the frame!

  4. Thank you for hosting this. I didn't forget to link up, just too much to do!

  5. I like what you created here. The bokeh worked so perfectly with this image.

  6. I was SO impressed, and I also like the bokeh effect. It is stunning.

  7. I just discovered that there are lots of people on Flickr who post hundreds of their own textures to share. Anyone who is a member of Flickr can download them to use for personal or commercial use. They only request that you acknowledge the source and add a link back to the texture image or to the creators's Flickr pages.

    Even if I want to create my own textures, it's a good place to look for ideas.

    I find the best sources for making my own are taking closeups of anything ---stone, brick, asphalt, peeling paint ---or to blur something and add a texture from an enhancement program. I also often combine several textures. sells textures and other photos, but if you take a 1-week trial membership, you can download as many as you want. You have to provide a credit card, so be sure to quit your membership before the week is up so you won't be charged. Once you take a trial membership, occasionally they will send you emails with a special week where you can take another trail membership and download 20 images per day.
    Membership is based on a period of time. So, if, for example, you choose to pay for membership for a month, you can download anything you want for an entire month and can use the images for anything, even if you drop your membership. I'm not sure what the charges are, but if someone needed a lot of photos or textures for commercial use or a special project, I'm sure it would be well worth it.

    1. sure there are many ways to find textures. Many get them from Kim and Bonny. I only wanted to point out the possibility to make your own. Mostly because I find it very unsatiesfactory to work with others material. I don´t feel it is my work.


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