Thursday, November 19, 2015

What happened to the Winter Wren

Större bild? Klicka på den! - Click to enlarge!  
Winter Wren
© NF Photo 151106, SOOC

Cropped and enhanced for colors

Frustrated as it did not come out as I wanted I made a twirl out of the Little birdie so it disappeared
© NF PhotoArt 151117

Next day I decided to take the Wren into the FotoSketcher
In FotoSketcher I ended up with filter  emergens and a frame

Winter Wren
© NF PhotoArt 151118

Back to CS5 I finished with filter "conte crayon" and happened to have a brown color as foreground color and white as background color.  This was the result. Seem easy enough but it was a lot of trial and error before I got it right.
I don´t think I forgot anything

And finally I was satisfied :)  Winter Wren is what I posted on my main blog yesterday.

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  1. what fun! P.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the process of the winter wren, and how it turned from magic swirls into a vintage feeling bird. This was really informative!

  3. What's cuter than a matter how you present it!! Very nice.

  4. Oh love the incarnations of this total sweet bird :)

  5. This is a great piece of art. I love seeing how your create.


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