Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NF DAM 170 Twirl

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 170

NF Digital Art Meme, a meme for digital artwork. photo art, abstracts and other creative work.  From camera, Art software's, paint or sketch. When you have an image of your art, it is digital.
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enhanced spiderweb, to get strong colors
 © NF Photo 151018  

First part of the twirl 

I added a  mirrored copy of the image above and set the Blending mode to Pin light
© NF PhotoArt 151020

The more colors you have in your SOOC image the more colorful your twirl will be.
I think every editing softare have the Twirl filter. But probably not this advanced as the different Photochop softwares. One way to find out is to try and have some fun.

Steps taken: from this site
1.) Open any image in Photoshop 
 2.) With your background layer selected, go to Filter – Pixelate – Mezzotint. Make sure your mode is set to “Medium Lines.” Press OK.
3.) With your background layer still selected, go to Filter – Blur – Radial Blur.  Amount (100) – Blur Method (zoom) – Quality (best). Press OK.
4.) Repeat step 3 as many times as you like
5.) Duplicate your background layer. 
6.) Select your background layer.  Then go to Filter – Distort – Twirl.  In the Angle number box, you want to put in a positive value number.  Let’s put in 80 for now.  Press OK. You can always try different ones the more you experiment.
7.) Select Layer 1 above your background layer.  Then go to Filter – Distort – Twirl.  In the Angle number box, you want to put in a negative value number this time.  Let’s put in -80
8.) With Layer 1 selected, we want to change the blending mode of this layer. In your layers palette, right above Layer 1, you will see the word “normal.” Click on that and it will expand a variety of choices.  Depending on the colors and exposure in your image, will depend on which blending mode works best here.
9.) Flatten your image. You can stop here or work on it some more.
10.) To see more advanced tips on taking go to he link above.  Have fun!

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  1. oh, waht a firework!
    Herzlich P.

  2. I like the twirls. Beautiful colors in that beautiful design.

  3. Say now ... this is impressive and beautiful and far more complicated than it looks. I am also impressed with the fact that you remembered your steps ... I think I would have been lost by step 3. The colors are great and the effect is mesmerizing ... Thanks, Monica :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I just love that "twirl" ...a fabulous idea. Thank you for that and for hosting and for the reminder of this beautiful meme! Although I don't think my art is worthy of it, I do like to try and appreciate all I learn here ...and from the other participants!

  5. What a magical swirl of colour. Like an arty kaleidoscope.

  6. I like the colors! I like the twirl, it's like a magical bird. In Russian fairy tales there is such a bird - the Firebird (Zhar-ptitsa). I think here it is!!

  7. Nice blur - I like the abstract feel.


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