Monday, October 26, 2015

Catching light 161 Coming to an end

 Catching light 161
Welcome to Catching light meme.

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Misty morning
© NF Photo 151017 Djulö Kvarn

Lately I have had problems with seeing the light. Like the sun in this image is hardly visible. The darkness seem thick and almost impossible to penetrate. I wanted to share the light with the world but today I see only darkness, there are so much suffering going on and the light seem almost like a mockery of all suffering.
So much problems in Africa, Europe and all of the world. It is affecting me but  I can do nothing about it.

I am closing Catching light!
Today you can enter the last linkup for this meme!
Tanks everyone who has participated in Catching light. It´s been running for three years.

The other two memes , T n B and DAM will continue as usual.

Trees n Bushes at NF World tomorrow, Tuesday

Finally, don´t forget the Digital Meme on Wednesday.

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  1. So sad... but I hope, you can see light at the end of the channel.
    By the way: the last weeks with us in Germany were dark and grey too, without a friendly light -
    Have a good time in despite of that all

  2. Thanks. Beautiful photo.

  3. Så tråkigt att du slutar med detta meme - jag försöker alltid fånga ljuset men det är inte så lätt alla gånger, som du påpekar. Ibland, när man inte tror att det kan bli värre, rasar världen samman mer eller mindre.

    Tack för ditt arbete med detta meme.

  4. Oh no Monica! So sad! Hope you can find some love and I do think we can all do something- even little- and that is how we can change the worls. One little action at a time.

  5. My heart shares your pain and yes, the feeling of being helpless to do anything. I agree with Jandi ... reach out in small ways locally or world wide there are organizations that are providing help ... a small donation or a collection of clothing ... any little thing helps, though it doesn't solve. Step by step. Like you I often skip the news at night because it leaves me so distressed, I don't sleep well. It will take many people speaking out to change the direction of things ... I hope to be one little voice in the wind. And, what will I to do with my collected pictures of light? I am sorry you are turning the lights out, but I do understand. Will you replace it with something or are you needing a break. Hope you can find a way to lift your spirits ... wishing you well :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. so far I have no plans for another meme but I´m open for suggestions :)

  6. You are so right about the darkness in the world today. It IS hard to see the light. But we can hope in Jesus, who is the Light of the World! Another lovely misty scene.

  7. Sorry to here you are closing this meme....but you have to go with how you feel. I think I have a very appropriate link-up for today's final link.

  8. I've enjoyed posting to this link and will miss it. Perhaps you will want to bring it back in the future.

  9. Me too -- enjoyed every bit of this; I wish I had been part of it for all of 3 years. I'll miss this meme. But I'll be watching light and photographing it. Thank you for the inspiration, Monica.
    Take care.

  10. Thanks everyone. Andrea wondered if I will open another meme. No plans so far but I´m open for suggestions :)

  11. Misty morning indeed! You just want to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea! Wishing you well!

  12. Beautiful post and the soft light is perfect for this image. Sorry to see this meme close.

  13. Beautiful post and the soft light is perfect for this image. Sorry to see this meme close.


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