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Soap bubbles - Såpbubblor

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Såpbubblor- Soap bubbles

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Recept - Recipe:
(Corn Syrup) RECIPE for standard bubbles:
You can use any unit of measure as long as the ratio is still the same (6:2:1)
6 cups water (For my friend Greg Silsby - I use an specially formulated H2O formula that you may purchase for $20/gallon. But if you don’t want to pay $20/gallon just get it from your faucet and don’t tell everyone tap water is my secret formulated H2O.)
2 cups dish soap (I choose to use Dawn)
1 cup corn syrup (I use Karo light corn syrup)
Tip – for stronger bubbles, or even to make larger bubbles you can triple the amount of corn syrup, or adjust and experiment.

I will add more info about the frost bubbles when the temps drop below freezing! I will say I started with the same formula but made some minor adjustments.

New info as of November 26th, 2014:
For the Frost Bubbles I would start with the mixture as mentioned above. Just remember, that the bubbles pop easier when it’s freezing cold outside! If you want them to be stronger, add more light corn syrup. I would start with this approach first to make sure you get your photo. Then if you feel lucky try thinning down a bit with more water so the bubble is more transparent!

When is the best time to photograph frost bubbles?
I would look for temps below 10 deg F (-12,2°C) , although I heard you can do this at 15 deg F (-9,4°C) if you wait long enough. When the temps are 5 deg F or lower the frost can appear quickly, which means less time in the cold and more photos to be taken! Also it is important to note that it works best when there is very little WIND. It’s hard to take photos when your bubbles are blowing all over the place or popping.
Also, I generally shoot in the am as the sun is rising so the temps are usually still cold, but often too warm mid-day.

Now a CRITICAL piece of information:
My bubbles popped a lot when landing, even in the snow. However after several tries in the same spot, but popped bubbles form a platform for the next bubbles to stick. I usually have about 5 or more pop before I get one to stick. Also I would get close to the surface where I want the bubble as this made it easier.

If my memory serves me correctly, this recipe was shared by Joyce Hill and Greg Silsby. Thank you two for sharing as I can’t wait to give it a try!
From watching the videos, this formula looks to be stronger than the Corn Syrup formula, but I can’t say for sure until I give it a try myself. I will likely use both recipes. You can scale down proportionately if you like, but here is the recipe:
1 bottle Dawn Dish Soap
1 Tablespoon J-Lube powder
3 gallons of water
First in a container pour the Dawn Dish soap. Next, thoroughly mix in the tablespoon of J-Lube powder. Once mixed in, add the 3 gallons of water and mix again!

Frozen colored bubble by Joshua T Rowe

Q:  So Joshua ... when did you add the food coloring? I tried some, and it seemed that the food coloring "fell" out of the bubbles as soon as I blew them. Got lots of colored spots on the snow, but clear bubbles.
A: Joshua T Rowe I froze the bubbles at night and then went out in the morning and put the food coloring on them. I let the food coloring in the freezer to get chilled.

Image belongs to:  Joshua T Rowe

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  1. That is amazing! I love the idea especially the colored ones, but I do not live in a climate cold enough to do this. :( Hope your holidays were merry-I was busy so did not blog...but will start back tomorrow.

  2. so cool...I definitely want to try this!!!

  3. Takk for tipset om oppskrift her på siden din..... jeg prøvde å ha glyserol i vannet, men fikk det ikke til, så jeg får prøve denne resepten hvis det blir kaldt nok igjen, da:)


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