Sunday, March 26, 2017

Online sketches

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  Picjoke sketches of Monica and Johanna
 © NF Photo 170325


Yesterday I was looking all over Internet to find a good source for transferring my images to sketches.
I´m not too fond of any of them.
And as I have not gotten my computer problem solved I have no way of practising.
I liked the look of these images and thought they were advanced. But, I don¨t think so actually. The images are very small and can´t be used really, But I have an idéa of how to do it myself. in Photoshop.
I like the look of these but they don´t make me proud.
I watched the video Nicole B shared yesterday of an artist named David Jamieson. So now I wonder are artists splendid work turned over to 1:s and 0:s? Not fun for a creative mind.

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  1. I hope you find good software for your 'sketching' needs.

  2. This is awesome, but I am a bit confused. Are the sketches digital or did you or somebody else sketch them? I love how you put them in hand and held them up to a sky background ... you are clever, my dear :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. it is easy enough to do something similar with photoshop once your computer is working. layers and layer masking are your friend

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