Thursday, November 17, 2016

From back then

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The old woman who sold pretzels
© NF PhotoArt 090516

Peeking through frosty window
© NF PhotoArt 120405

At the Opera
© NF PhotoArt090523

This is some old stuff I created during the years. The first one is made from a shot of this statue. This woman lived in my former hometown in the beginning of the 19th century. She was famous for her pretzels and today the town has a nickname, Pretzel town, and a supermarket with that name. In Swedish Kringlan. I made it "Old photo".

The second image is one of the first where I used layers. That was not an easy task back then.

Third is a mistake of sort. I had the wrong setting in my camera but I love this abstract image.

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  1. Still trying to catch up. I love the first two photos. BTW, layers are still hard for me.

    I'm glad you let me know that was an abstract because I was thinking my eyesight had gone! Really LOVE the first two, though.


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