Sunday, September 4, 2016

Meditation experience in a sketch

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The Dead Soldier  
© NF PhotoArt 160904

This is something I wanted to "put on paper" for several years now, and failed. Tried photo, photoshop and the WACOM tablet. And failed. So, as a last attempt I went to the bookstore and bought oil crayons. And this is the very first sketches I made. The crayons still has sharp edges. I also added a small green light in Photoshop CS5. As this is jsut a first attempt I post it in my blog Image Workshop.

This is a meditation I had years ago. In meditation I felt I had another mind attached to me below my hip. and slightly behind it. (first image). It happened several times. I also had a dream of a coffin filled with water, with a dead person trying to get out of there. And with stairs behind it.

Later on I had contact with a man who knew a medium. It was arranged that she should tap into my mind when I meditated. Without knowing what it was about. Two days later I got an email. My friend had word from the medium that "I had a dead soldier clinging to me. When he died, drowning in water, he saw the green light I radiated when I was meditating and clinged to it.  He thought I was a higher being and wanted to be rescued." It was when I read that I realised the meditation and dream was the same experience.

Scary, isn´t it? In some way. But, now, I finally can show it on paper.
On a sidenote, I don´t meditate anymore.

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  1. Interesting and creative piece

  2. well, that was a bit scary and very interesting. I think I would have stopped meditating, too, if that happened to me.

  3. Yeah, I think I'd stop meditating too. It's great that drawing helped you illustrate what you were feeling.

    1. sorry Paula. I can´t comment on GOOGLE+ :(

  4. interesting and good sketches to portray it too. I'm feeling a little sad for the soldier and I can't help but wonder if he found his way to the light? I hope so. I try to meditate daily and, luckily, it's only been a relaxing and enjoyable experience so far. :)

  5. I'm in agreement with the rest here...totally would have stopped and would never do it again. :) Good interpretation of that in your sketches.


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