Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 132 Black and White optional edition

NF Digital Art Meme, DAM 132

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NF Digital Art Meme, a meme for digital artwork. photo art and creative work.
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Please visit my entry and as many other participants you can. I´d like this to be a living meme not just another linky list. So far it is a small meme, surely you have the time to comment on others. Thank you for participating. As you know I´m a busy woman but I always return a comment. :)
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© NF PhotoArt 150127

Kreaturstorg / Cattle Square by artist Monica Goras,  SOOC image
© NF Photo 150126

For the black and white I converted the image in ACR and then applied filter glowing edges to the image.

The Optional theme for next weeks DAM is: BOKEH. And for those who don´t know what BOKEH is, it is the unfokused part of an image that can be seen in my images on my photoblog. HERE BOKEH is great to use as texture if you like to do texture work.

If  you want to share your Digital/Photo Art  on Facebook I have created a GROUP for that purpose. You can join if you like. Why not check it out! Would love to see you there.

Bildverkstan on NatureFootstep Photo
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  1. I really don't know which I prefer! The orange colour is so bright, but the b/w enhances the shiny texture of the ice...

  2. I like the glow in the b & w and the shine and texture in that shot. The color one is pretty for the orange in the shot.

  3. I love the glowing effect and I have to ask, what is ACR? Sadly my computer (or google) is only letting me see the one main pictures and small parts of the others so it is hard to comment. But, I think I have seen the main one and love it ....

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. ACR means ADOBE Camera RAW :) It is used with Photoshop and very good for editing.

  4. Great shot! It works well both in b&w and in colour!

  5. You've really enhanced the beauty and fascination of this image. Great!!!

    Have a nice day.

  6. Such lovely icy sculptures. The colour emphasises the glow and the black and white accentuates the shapes.

  7. Re your question: Any photo art is welcome on my meme. I usually give an optional theme as some people like to have it.

  8. I love the orange glow! It makes them come alive! Thanks so much for linking up today. So happy to see some new faces!!!

  9. And thanks for the shout-out on your meme board too!! :)

  10. Love the black and white image, especially the effect the filter had on the trees. Superb!

  11. Wonderful. The BW image reminded me of a duck swimming in a pond. - What is making the ice glow so orange?


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