Thursday, January 23, 2014

Under exposed image for dark background

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Freezer Abstract
 © NF Photo 140114

I got a question about how I manage to get the black backgrounds in my freezer and other shots.
The trick is that you have to expose for the highlights and not for the "normal" light. That means you have to underexpose it. I usually set the camera and looking to see what it looks like. Adjusting settings and angles till I get what I want.

You can´t use Auto settings you have to choose AV, TV or Manual.
For AV and TV you have to set the exposure compensation to maybe -2 and perhaps a shorter shutter speed.

Then it is good with digital cameras as you can take some shots and adjust till you are satisfied.
For the freezer I had a flashlight below the bars I was shooting. And I have another image I will probably post tomorrow. It shows a different kind of reflections.

 © NF Photo 140119
For the smoke images you have to set lighting from the sides or below as I did, never let the light hit the black background you are using. A dark room is preferable.

And or course, if background isn´t dark enough you can use some software to edit them.
I hope this made sence. Good luck!

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  1. What a great shot. I like how you explained your technique.

  2. Great and well composed photos. Especially first one.


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