Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fan in a window

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Fan in a window 130214
 Composed in CS5
Photos used:

NF Photo 130202,  turned and cleaned from background
Vänd och rensad

NF Photo 130214, cleaned up and croped
rensad och beskuren

NF Photo 130201, croped and used twice,  flipped horisontally
anv 2 ggr speglad horisontellt

NF Photo 120509, Used twice flipped vertically
anv 2 ggr speglad vertikalt
4  S O O C S  used to create Fan in a window 
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  1. Beautiful photos, each one is amazing. I like the fan, I think they are so delicate and pretty. My daughter bought one a few years ago. She used it as a prop in some of her Senior photos and now has it hanging on her wall.

  2. A beautiful presentation of this unusual fan! So love the details!

  3. It was really interesting to see your steps in making this artwork. Beautifully done!

  4. Thank you for the sharing, amazing what is possible to do...
    So happy I happened to find that place, lots to learn.

  5. Så läckert bildbehandlat! Och så intressant att få följa steg för steg!


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